Online Training

Learn What You Want, When You Want

Synergy Computing has partnered with Bigger Brains, creators of some of the most innovative and engaging online training courses, to offer our clients an unbeatable training package.

For less than $100 you get unlimited access to over 85 training courses on:

  • Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook
  • Office 365
  • QuickBooks
  • Windows
  • Gmail
  • Effective Presentation, Communication and Time Management Skills
  • Sales, Marketing, Online Marketing and More

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Bigger Brains training is included free with our Synergy Complete IT Platinum plan, or can be purchased separately.
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Uniquely Engaging Course Structure

Unlike most online training which consists of dull one-way lectures from a disembodied voice, Bigger Brains courses are scientifically designed to keep the student engaged. All courses are filmed in a professional studio with two people on screen - a Teacher and a Learner. By switching between a screen recording or graphics and the Teacher/Learner dialogue and questions, we keep student's attention and help facilitate better knowledge transfer. Put simply - students enjoy watching Bigger Brains courses AND they get more out of them too.

Each Course Designed To Engage The Mind, And Each Course Segment Meticulously Composed To Deliver Valuable Content In Precisely the Right Sequence.

We search the world over to identify the finest instructors for each course. Our selection process ensures that instructors will provide content in a way that is engaging, practical, and immediately accessible. After a single 10 minute segment, a learner will walk away with valuable skills that will improve performance.